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Rowbottom Partners helps you find the right fit faster. We will help you secure a greater compensation than you could on your own, period! We prep your interview and make you look better. 89% of all offers through Rowbottom are accepted. Whether you’re employed or unemployed, the benefits are immeasurable when you come to Rowbottom Partners.

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You’re unemployed and are not sure where to go, what to do, who to tell, and how to take your next steps.

Or maybe you are employed but still keeping your options open and looking for something better.

No matter your current position, read on to see how career coaching services can benefit you and guide you toward fulfilling your career goals and dreams.

You’re unemployed

When people are unemployed they go through a lot of changing emotions.

Often, the first emotion is one of anger. I’ve heard a lot of comments like: “I gave my life to that company!?” 

“I was offered another position last year and turned it down remaining loyal to my past employer!?” 

“They just made a big mistake letting me go!?” “I’d like to see them go out of business!?”

Those are just a few comments. People that do not see an impending possible end to their employment are often blindsided. This can lead to greater anger due to dealing with the disbelief at what has happened.

I often tell newly unemployed candidates to take at least a week to get used to the new bad situation of unemployment. This week should be spent developing an exit story as to what happened to your position at your prior employer. “What happened” to your job at XYZ is a fair question and will likely need to be addressed. What do you say? How will you answer this question?

I’ll work with you and teach you the skills you will need to answer this question confidently and eloquently!

Unemployment is an opportunity!

I’ll tell you why and teach you the advantages in your corner because of your unemployment. Yes, there are advantages to being unemployed! You need to know them and I’ll teach you how to exploit them.

Job search can really suck – I’ll keep your attitude up and guide you through the downturns and rejection. 

I’ll help you update your resume and explain customization techniques. You’ll have good counsel for cleaning up your LinkedIn profile and resources as to how to best use the LI platform.

With our professional assistance, you will interview better, have more successful chances at offers, be back to work sooner than you would on your own and learn to negotiate for a greater wage. 

I like to say I’ve seen it all in job search, but then something crazy happens – 911, COVID – who knows what’s next. Every job search is unique and has different challenges. We will provide the support you’ll need.

Friends, family, former co-workers, and others will offer their bits of knowledge in job search. Often their “support” is unsolicited, misguided, incorrect, and may not be educated or helpful. You need a career coach to help you deal with others and retrack you onto the right paths to employment. 

Being in the business daily with multiple business partners keeps me abreast of the best way to Zoom an interview, etc. I will support you through the normal challenges and the unexpected twists you are bound to experience.

I’ll work with you on how to prepare for your interviews and research your potential employers and interviewers. You’ll be more confident when properly prepared. Companies are excited when a candidate is prepared and knowledgeable about the position and company.

You are employed

I’m in job search mode but I also am employed. Why should I engage your services?

You may need them even more than someone who is experiencing unemployment.

Unemployed people have all the time they need for job search. You are at a disadvantage as you do not have “all the time” for a job search.

All the reasons for the unemployed to engage our services still apply to you. 

The most important job is the one you have, and you have one. We respect that and will perform a confidential search. 

The last thing you want is to become the less fortunate unemployed candidate. Now employed you don’t have to change jobs, but you would like to improve your career situation. We understand this and are working with many employed professionals and essentially heading their search efforts. 

You are employed, all the more reason to have us guide you and help manage the use of your limited availability. 

Professional guidance throughout every step

I’ll help you develop questions for the company that are smart to ask. I’ll teach you why needing to leave an hour early to pick up a child on a weekday isn’t a concern to be brought up in an interview, and more dont’s and do’s! 

Job boards can be a valuable source when you are in a job search. Do you know how to maximize job boards usefulness? I’ll give you the tips you need to increase your interview opportunities by driving companies seeking employees like you your way. 

When you receive an offer I’ll guide you with your onboarding, accepting and show you how to leverage your offer to get other offers quickly. I can coach you through rescinding an offer professionally, eloquently and without burning a bridge. 

A record of your job search will be reviewed bi-weekly with me personally. You will be held accountable when I am able to see that you spent the week purging on Schitts Creek. 

We will calendar a weekly call time to discuss your successes and failures. Then we will discuss moving forward strategies and I’ll guide your next moves. We will prioritize and rank your leads. Your search will be held in the strictest confidence but you will not be “going it alone”. I will support you and hold you accountable to yourself!

Take the next step toward your brightest future!

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