Professional guidance throughout every step

Working on project writing notes

I’ll help you develop questions for the company that are smart to ask. I’ll teach you why needing to leave an hour early to pick up a child on a weekday isn’t a concern to be brought up in an interview, and more dont’s and do’s!  Job boards can be a valuable source when you…

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You are employed

You didn't come this far sign

I’m in job search mode but I also am employed. Why should I engage your services? You may need them even more than someone who is experiencing unemployment. Unemployed people have all the time they need for job search. You are at a disadvantage as you do not have “all the time” for a job…

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Unemployment is an opportunity!

One way street signs

I’ll tell you why and teach you the advantages in your corner because of your unemployment. Yes, there are advantages to being unemployed! You need to know them and I’ll teach you how to exploit them. Job search can really suck – I’ll keep your attitude up and guide you through the downturns and rejection.  I’ll help…

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You’re unemployed

You're unemployed sitting at computer

When people are unemployed they go through a lot of changing emotions. Often, the first emotion is one of anger. I’ve heard a lot of comments like: “I gave my life to that company!?”  “I was offered another position last year and turned it down remaining loyal to my past employer!?”  “They just made a…

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