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I’ll help you develop questions for the company that are smart to ask. I’ll teach you why needing to leave an hour early to pick up a child on a weekday isn’t a concern to be brought up in an interview, and more dont’s and do’s! 

Job boards can be a valuable source when you are in a job search. Do you know how to maximize job boards usefulness? I’ll give you the tips you need to increase your interview opportunities by driving companies seeking employees like you your way. 

When you receive an offer I’ll guide you with your onboarding, accepting and show you how to leverage your offer to get other offers quickly. I can coach you through rescinding an offer professionally, eloquently and without burning a bridge. 

A record of your job search will be reviewed bi-weekly with me personally. You will be held accountable when I am able to see that you spent the week purging on Schitts Creek. 

We will calendar a weekly call time to discuss your successes and failures. Then we will discuss moving forward strategies and I’ll guide your next moves. We will prioritize and rank your leads. Your search will be held in the strictest confidence but you will not be “going it alone”. I will support you and hold you accountable to yourself!

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Rates for Career Coaching: One-time fee per search: $549

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