Career Coaching

Unemployment is an opportunity!

One way street signs

I’ll tell you why and teach you the advantages in your corner because of your unemployment. Yes, there are advantages to being unemployed! You need to know them and I’ll teach you how to exploit them.

Job search can really suck – I’ll keep your attitude up and guide you through the downturns and rejection. 

I’ll help you update your resume and explain customization techniques. You’ll have good counsel for cleaning up your LinkedIn profile and resources as to how to best use the LI platform.

With our professional assistance, you will interview better, have more successful chances at offers, be back to work sooner than you would on your own and learn to negotiate for a greater wage. 

I like to say I’ve seen it all in job search, but then something crazy happens – 911, COVID – who knows what’s next. Every job search is unique and has different challenges. We will provide the support you’ll need.

Friends, family, former co-workers, and others will offer their bits of knowledge in job search. Often their “support” is unsolicited, misguided, incorrect, and may not be educated or helpful. You need a career coach to help you deal with others and retrack you onto the right paths to employment. 

Being in the business daily with multiple business partners keeps me abreast of the best way to Zoom an interview, etc. I will support you through the normal challenges and the unexpected twists you are bound to experience.

I’ll work with you on how to prepare for your interviews and research your potential employers and interviewers. You’ll be more confident when properly prepared. Companies are excited when a candidate is prepared and knowledgeable about the position and company.

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