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You’re unemployed

You're unemployed sitting at computer

When people are unemployed they go through a lot of changing emotions.

Often, the first emotion is one of anger. I’ve heard a lot of comments like: “I gave my life to that company!?” 

“I was offered another position last year and turned it down remaining loyal to my past employer!?” 

“They just made a big mistake letting me go!?” “I’d like to see them go out of business!?”

Those are just a few comments. People that do not see an impending possible end to their employment are often blindsided. This can lead to greater anger due to dealing with the disbelief at what has happened.

I often tell newly unemployed candidates to take at least a week to get used to the new bad situation of unemployment. This week should be spent developing an exit story as to what happened to your position at your prior employer. “What happened” to your job at XYZ is a fair question and will likely need to be addressed. What do you say? How will you answer this question?

I’ll work with you and teach you the skills you will need to answer this question confidently and eloquently!

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