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You are employed

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I’m in job search mode but I also am employed. Why should I engage your services?

You may need them even more than someone who is experiencing unemployment.

Unemployed people have all the time they need for job search. You are at a disadvantage as you do not have “all the time” for a job search.

All the reasons for the unemployed to engage our services still apply to you. 

The most important job is the one you have, and you have one. We respect that and will perform a confidential search. 

The last thing you want is to become the less fortunate unemployed candidate. Now employed you don’t have to change jobs, but you would like to improve your career situation. We understand this and are working with many employed professionals and essentially heading their search efforts. 

You are employed, all the more reason to have us guide you and help manage the use of your limited availability. 

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